Top Brands of 2012

15 October, 2012 | Branding

A brand is vitally important to a business and statistics based on financial performance, customer choice and the brands ability to command a premium price assimilated to highlight the most powerful brands in the world, presented by The Week Magazine, October 2012.

Coca-Cola keeps its throne as the number 1 brand in the world for a 13th consecutive year

The Biggest Risers: As you may have guessed, Apple rocketed to 2nd position from 8th last year increasing its brand value a colossal 129% to $76.6bn fending off competition from Samsung (up 40%) and Google (up 26%).

Newcomers: Brands that entered the top 100 brands in 2012 included Pampers lying at 34th and Facebook surprisingly resting quite far down the list at 69th, especially in consideration of the hysteria surrounding the brand earlier this year when it was floated on the stock market.

Casualties: There were some brands that didn’t quite make the cut this year and fell out of the top 100. The most recognisable brands to suffer this fate were UBS, Zurich and Barclays which were sitting quite comfortably in 79th place last year.