Increase Engagement on Your Website Through Animated Content

10 April, 2018 | Design | 3 min read.

A great way to deliver a dynamic and impactful message on your website is to incorporate animated videos. Animated videos have the potential to work with you to create a visually appealing website that will engage with your audience on multiple devices. For example, we created an animated GIF for our client Midlands LTA and their Spooktacular campaign. The GIF utilised motion and visual effects suited for the theme and target audience, and was posted across social media and helped our client reach users across desktop and mobile.

According to research conducted by Small Business Trends, companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users. This, as well as an ever-increasing focus on video content within marketing in recent years, is why you should be paying attention to what animated videos can do for your business via digital channels. This focus on video and animation is important because you will be able to quickly grasp your audience’s attention and enable them to share your content across multiple devices and platforms.

Where Do I Begin?

You’ve received visitors to your website, but how do you keep them there? There is no question that movement attracts attention. So to take advantage of this, you can incorporate animation via videos, GIFs, and illustrations across your website to explain, inform and act as calls to action for your audience. You can also incorporate sound effects, music and voice overs to add extra information and excitement.

We created an animated GIF for The Holistic Boot Camp to raise brand awareness and showcase their forthcoming holistic retreat, revealing the beautiful beach location, fitness activities and beauty treatments. The GIF was posted across social media to help our client reach users across devices and encourage shares and engagement.

Why Should I Use Animated Content?

Animated content such as gifs, vlogs and explainer videos are a great way to create an emotional connection with your visitors, explaining ideas and conveying messages easily and in a fun and friendly way. This is backed up by market research, for example, HubSpot, Video Brewery and Switch Video collected the 50 best explainer videos, and out of these, 86% were animated.

Animated content can help to give clarity to complex information, making it more comprehensible to those who may speak a different language, younger audiences or people who may be new to the topic at hand, for example. Another benefit of animated content is that it can help you convey information quickly – as you may only have a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. Therefore, they have mass appeal that can allow you to connect with audiences across the world, and capture their attention from the first click. For example, Dropbox added an animated explainer video to their homepage and saw a massive 10 million new customers and a £35 million increase in revenue.

What Should I Keep in Mind?

As always, it’s important to begin with the core message you want to convey and the impression you’d like to leave on your audience, and then build your content from there.

It is important to understand that animated content must serve a purpose. It should firstly have a practical function for your target audience and secondly reflect the brand personality of your website, but remember, don’t overdo it – a website cluttered with animation that has no meaning may lose you visitors – it needs long term relevancy!

How Can EDGE Help?

EDGE Creative have worked with a number of clients to produce high-quality and engaging animated content that incorporates movement, visual effects and brand identity to promote businesses and events in a variety of industries. We can produce animated GIFs, videos, vlogs, explainer videos and much more to explain, inform and promote across multiple devices and platforms.

Web animation is a design trend that EDGE Creative will definitely be giving even more attention to this year. Our animation expert John has had a very busy 2018 so far, working on multiple animation projects as well as the redesign of our website, with an improved user journey and additional animated content!

Why not add an EDGE to your website? Call us on 0121 355 8092 or email us on to talk about animated content and how it can work for your brand.