The Three Wise Men – Inspired Direction

28 October, 2013 | Branding | 3 min read.

Even the three wise men needed direction…

Website Icons

Add some Ho Ho Ho to your web presence so when people come researching your products/services they’re greeted with some festive cheer.

Starting from £35 + VAT


Social Media Skin

Refresh your chatter on social media with a bespoke cover photo or skin.

Starting from £35 + VAT


E-Card Page Turner

Combine creativity with interactivity. Create an ecard that promotes your brand and allows your visitors to navigate your online world like never before.

Starting from £199 + VAT

Newsletters and Ezines

People love to be the first in the know, so give them what they want… “the know”. Create bespoke newsletters for direct mail or convenient email newsletters that allow your recipients to explore your online world.

Starting from £145 + VAT

Christmas Stocking

Your brand is a gift to your customers, so gently remind them that you’re always striving to provide for them with a traditional decoration.

Starting from £2.03 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

Desktop Christmas Tree

Show off your horticultural skills and nurture your own Christmas trees.

Starting from £2.53 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

Business Packs

A perfect gift this Christmas is our friend Organisation; get organised with these handy business packs, including a desk pad, mouse mat and coaster.

Starting from £2.82 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

Travel Mug

“Where there is tea, there is hope” We all love a hot brew in the morning, especially when it’s flippin’ freezin’ outdoors. Treat yourself to a heated refreshment and start the day off right.

Starting from £2.86 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)


As the cold and rain torments us without warning this winter, your customers will be glad they received a handy accessory to combat the elements.

Starting from £7.19 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

Desk Calendars

The Romans didn’t create these for nothing; everyone needs a calendar. Make sure customers are looking forward to events with your brand in clear view.

Starting from £1.86 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)


Email Signatures

Did you know? By the end of 2012, over 144.8 billion emails had been sent each day. Tag your emails with crafted Christmas email signatures. Mashable inforgraphic

Starting from £35 + VAT

iPhone Rest & Amplifier

Don’t you just love it when things come in 2’s? Not only a handy phone holder for the home or desk, but a perfect gift for when you want to raise the volume.

Starting from £2.74 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

USB People

Everyone finds a USB handy. Send your clients a useful and quirky office accessory that they’ll use every day.

Starting from £10.83 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

iPhone Hard Case

Smartphones are becoming as important as getting dressed in the morning. Provide protection for your customer’s prized possession with a branded iPhone case.

Starting from £1.20 each + VAT  (based on 1000 units)

Advent Calendar

The first calendar was created by Gerhard Lang inspired by his childhood when his mother would attach sweets to a piece of cardboard each day. Like Lang, take your customers back to their childhood with branded calendars.

Starting from £2.75 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

Desk Planner

Desk Planner

For times when you just need to make a quick note or scribble; remind yourself with branded desk planners.

Starting from £0.99 each + VAT (based on 500 units)


Event Collateral

The festive season is full of exhibitions, consumerism and events. Ensure your brand is exposed effectively with a range of visual items.Banner stand.

£275 + VAT (print and design)
3m x 3m pop up exhibition stand

Xmas card

Xmas Cards

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a traditional Christmas card. Create your bespoke festive message with cards.

Starting from £49 + VAT (based on 30 units)



Take pride in your diary and your diary will make you proud. Now get out there and start making appointments.

Starting from £2.60 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing

Are you or your customers out and about in the cold often? See it as a great marketing opportunity. Wrap employees and customers in your brand.

Hat – £4.40 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)
Gloves – £4.80 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)
Scarf – £6.43 each + VAT (based on 1000 units)

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