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Busy Bees Benefits are a leading employee benefits provider that is passionate about providing a wide range of business support to help employers engage, reward and protect their employees. Providing their clients with access to an online platform as an affordable and effective way of implementing benefits, they focus on improving engagement and satisfaction at work. Alongside this, Busy Bees Benefits also offer a range of services and insurance products to support businesses.

Busy Bees Benefits originally approached us with the desire to provide a more positive, corporate and interactive brand to display to potential clients exactly what it is that the business can offer.

The Challenge

Originally, we were tasked with designing a clean, simple and modern brand identity with the key objective of portraying the services that Busy Bees Benefits offer. This new look and feel was to attract a wide range of age groups within their market and make it easy for people to understand and embrace the new technology of the benefits platform.

They also wanted a credentials document that could be used to sell the business to potential customers.

Our Approach & The Result

To encourage engagement with the brand, the assets and promotion of benefits for solicitors, would differ from those working in manufacturing, so we were required to analyse the work force and put the appropriate plans into place.

Within the credentials document, we outlined information about Busy Bees and their story, imagery and key services as well as their methodology and experience.

We now work with Busy Bees Benefits across the full marketing spectrum including SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, social media management, software development, branding and print. This involves many moving parts, ensuring that all channels work coherently together to provide a clear and positive experience for the brand.

Busy Bees Key Stats

  • Google ads conversion rate of 1.6%
  • 21 SEO Keywords ranking in the top 10

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