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Rudds Wellies are a brand new start-up that sell wellies to three distinct target markets: horse riding, farming and sailing. The wellies have been crafted to work with the customer’s lifestyle.


Client Name Rudds Wellies

Project Type Brand Development, Packaging & eCommerce

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Rudds Wellies are a brand new start-up that sell wellies to three distinct target markets: horse riding, farming and sailing. The wellies have been crafted to work with the customer’s lifestyle.

The Challenge

We were tasked with creating the Rudds Wellies brand and sub-brand for each product from scratch, encapsulating the right look and feel to project the brand values and appeal to both consumers and funders.

We needed to translate this brand across packaging, an e-commerce website, exhibition materials, printed materials and infographics for social media. As with any start-up we had to work within budget constraints.

The Logo

We designed the logos to encapsulate the hand crafted nature of the brand. Originating by the seaside in Salcombe, Devon, an art deco feel worked across the sub brands, creating an approachable yet strong, stylised brand.

Riding Rudds

The Riding Rudds logo was designed to be instantly recognisable to the equine market. The colour black was chosen using consumer feedback which was also used for the boots themselves.

Farming Rudds

The Farming Rudds logo was created to reflect the fields and outdoors that farmers would be using the wellies in. The small spade and fork are an extra touch that bring the brand together.

Sailing Rudds

The Sailing Rudds logo was designed to be in keeping with the other sub brands. We created graphics which were associated with sailing so the brand sat well within the industry.

Banner stands created for Rudds Wellies

Our Approach

We needed to create a strong brand that not only made Rudds Wellies stand out as a unique product in a highly competitive market, but also reflected their brand values and what they do.

Before we got started, we thought about each of the end users and what branding would attract them to buy the product. Each audience is different and needed a different feel while keeping the overall branding consistent in order for it to be translated across digital and print.

We created logos for each brand and sub brand that captured the hand crafted nature of the brand, lifestyle-led ethos and consumer research that had been conducted within the design phase. We chose a colour palette to suit each type of welly, Pantone matching each colour with the colours of the rubber boots.

Once we had the right look and colour palette, we then set about creating the shoe box for the wellies and the website.

The packaging was designed to use the natural form of the cardboard to give it an authentic and rustic feel and sit well with the outdoor nature of the boots. We spot colour matched all printed material including flyers and exhibition stands.

The e-commerce website has been designed with the user journey in mind and is product and lifestyle-led, supporting the brand identity. It is fully responsive and integrates video and reviews from their twitter feed.

Rudds Wellies being used at a stables
Screenshots of the eCommerce website for Rudds Wellies

The Result

Rudds Wellies has gone from strength to strength due to its consistent branding across digital and print.

There has been a lot of interest in the brand at exhibitions and investor events which have propelled the brand forward, creating strong foundations for it to continue growing.

“After researching and developing a product for nearly 2 years before it came to market, I was very nervous about finding a creative agency that could take care of my product and brand it effectively. I need not have worried, they have an amazing ability of understanding what you need, and creating amazing imagery and content. They have been with me every step of the way, from logo and packaging design to holding my hand during presentations. Even when you’re not sure what you need, they offer amazing expertise and options to give your business a brand it deserves.”

Rachel Rudd Founder

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