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Sirus Automotive are vehicle conversion and adaptations specialists. Their pioneering, innovative approach ensures their vehicle conversions are some of the most advanced around.


Client Name Sirus Automotive

Project Type Brand Development, Design & Development

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Sirus Automotive are vehicle conversion and adaptations specialists. Their pioneering, innovative approach ensures their vehicle conversions are some of the most advanced around.

The Challenge

We were tasked with refreshing their brand and marketing portfolio to reflect a more modern and professional outfit that excelled in customer service.

The Logo

We created a number of options for the Sirus logo which were taken to a focus group. When designing the logo we chose colours that aligned themselves with the brand. The blue was used to portray trust and the grey illustrated the mechanical nature of the brand. The shape of the logo was created to be recognised as a car badge so that people who didn’t know Sirus were, could easily identify with it.

Sirus Automotive Logo on stationery
Sirus Automotive website screenshots

Our Approach

After research and analysis of the mobility automotive market, creative solutions were developed to present a contemporary approach for Sirus to use when communicating with both current and new customers. Our aim was to remove the ‘stigma of disability’ through advertising and communication.

We also designed a website to make the customer journey as slick as possible. This was undertaken in two phases adding functionality like the ‘build your own car’ tool which allowed customers to add in extras to make their car fit their lifestyle. The second phase of the website allowed us to assess how customers were using the site and optimise it to reflect the user journey.

Sirus Automotive brochure cover
Sirus Automotive brochure pages
Pages from the Sirus Automotive data sheets

The Result

Since developing a new website and through the use of social media campaigns such as ‘challenge us’, we have helped Sirus increase the sales of their adapted cars through impressions and conversions. We have enhanced the whole user experience by adding functionality such as the ‘car configurator’ which has led to a 100% increase in online lead generation as users can create their ideal vehicle before enquiring.

“When we took the huge decision to rebrand, EDGE were among 4 agencies who came to us with a proposal. EDGE, and only EDGE, truly took the time to investigate and understand not just our marketplace, but us as a company and our objectives long term. Our ongoing partnership means that unlike many external agencies EDGE operate with us almost like an internal department with a clear understanding of our products and company ethos meaning that existing and new projects carry through seamlessly. There are many agencies with whom we could choose to develop our business moving forward but no others come close in terms of service and understanding. From long term projects to situations where we’ve given no forward notice at all and are requesting hugely unreasonable turnaround times, EDGE are always there to assist.

Many agencies promise it all, EDGE actually deliver – consistently.”

Graham Lloyd Sales and Marketing Manager

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