API + back end integration

As experienced web developers, EDGE Creative are knowledgeable in using APIs to build customer-centric websites and functions that help improve user experience and drive conversions.

API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. An API helps to move information from one system to another. Many applications use APIs to display information on websites, for example, Google Maps. This helps benefit users of your website by creating a seamless experience for them.

Why does my website need API & Backend Integration?

API integrations allow you to provide a more efficient service. For example, you might use API integration to take full advantage of all the technology that’s out there, so you can provide a better experience for your customers.

Integrating multiple applications into your website or digital platforms can also help to speed up processes that would normally take a long time if they weren’t automated.

How does EDGE approach API & Back end Integration?

Our team are able to help you execute API and back end integration to enrich your website and boost user experiences. We’re a team of experienced web developers that work together to build tight integration between your website and applications.

Our steps to API & Backend Integration

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    Step One: Meeting with you

    First of all, we’ll organise a face-to-face meeting with you and your team in order to discuss your requirements, your vision and your business goals.

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    Step Two: Research

    Secondly, we’ll map out your customer journey and research how your internal processes work together. We’ll help you identify how you can improve this and streamline the process.

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    Step Three: Recommending a strategy

    Then, we’ll work with your team to recommend a solution to take care of any issues we find in the previous step. We’ll also establish a relationship with any third party providers to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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    Step Four: Implementing it

    Once this is all approved, we’ll test the process to ensure the customer journey is as seamless and simple as possible. We’ll also perform post-live testing to identify how users are interacting with your systems.

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